Very low life expectancy in 2010 caused worsening state of health care, ignorance and poverty in Nigeria, and aggravation of the situation by the rise in the number of internally displaced people especially in the North Eastern part of Nigeria and Middle Belt led to the birth of this initiative.

Government cannot do it alone. CYI is here therefore to complement the Government`s effort in providing succour to the victims of both man-made and natural disasters ravaging the country. CYI is therefore borne out of the need to care and show love, justice, solidarity and selfless service to the poor, vulnerable and displaced.

Modalities to achieving the set goals

  • Actively mobilize stakeholders at all levels for response towards the well-being of the less privileged and displaced.
  • Establishment of free healthcare centers and facilities
  • Distribution of relief materials to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the less privileged members of our society.
  • Provision of free and quality education to the less privileged.
  • Acquire and establish educational and socio-economic institutions.
  • Withdraw children of school age away from the street and placing them in schools and undertaking monitoring and sponsorship of their education.
  • Establish vocational and technical education centers for the training of withdrawn street children who show aptitude in such areas.
  • Capacity and knowledge building through organizing seminars, workshops, conference, and infrastructural development aimed at instilling new technical skills on the target group.
  • Set up income generating and Skill Acquisition Centers for entrepreneurs economically and embarcking on capacity building projects.
  • Dissemination of information on child abuse, child labor and human trafficking through publication of magazines, newspapers, articles, handbills, leaflets, radio and television programs.
  • Establish centers to help tackle ethnic and political conflicts as well as religious conflict and extremism.
  • Partnering and Networking with individuals and organizations having similar objectives with the Organization
  • Provision of information, education and communication materials on health, socio-economic life and developmental issues to stakeholders.

Why we need you

We need you to support our projects. We need you to partner with us. We need you to work with us. Together we can help eliminate untimely death, poverty, insecurity and bring succour to the less privileged thereby achieving the most sustainable developmental goals (SDGs) and restore the hope of a common Nigeria.